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Whether it’s a body shop fixing your vehicle after an accident, a contractor adding a room to your house, or a car audio shop performing upgrades to your ride; the same doubt will always pop into your head as a new customer: How do I know they will do a good job? Roughly translated to: How can I TRUST them?

Unfortunately, we all know from personal experience that there is usually no sure fire way to consolidate this trust beforehand; regardless of how many glowing Yelp reviews or personal recommendations a business receives, you never truly know the outcome until the project is completed.

What is even worse is that you may not find out about the TRUE quality of the project until the paint starts to come off, the plumbing starts to leak, or an amplifier burns up. Big or small, I think most of us have all been there to some extent; that feeling of betrayal is a very bitter pill to swallow and really makes us hesitant to trust the same type of business again.

We are here to offer you a solution! Perhaps the single most unique thing about us is the extent we go to in providing factual proof of our honesty, integrity and quality. What lay before you is perhaps the most detailed, revealing and wide ranging install gallery in the industry.

On most of our builds, you will see a link that takes you to a forum based installation log of the project. Most of these journals feature dozens (sometimes hundreds) of detailed pictures showing every aspect of the installation: from initial disassembly, to sound insulation, to wiring organization, all the way to upholstery and final assembly.

Not only is this method of detailed documentation a great way for the customer to see every aspect of his/her project, it is also an enforcement tool to keep us honest. It is important to note that these logs are presented on public forums, open for all to see and critique without any control from us. Over the years we have built a very high standard for ourselves and thus we approach each new project with the knowledge that if we deviate at all from our core values and perform subpar work, we will immediately be at the mercy of a firestorm of criticism.

In the end, we don’t ask for your trust based on fancy marketing tactics or lip service; rather, we earn it via factual, documented proofs of our abilities and character. Please keep that in mind when shopping for your next mobile electronics upgrade.

So take some time, browse around, and let us know if you have any questions or comments.


Here is a small sample of the "behind the scene" pictures you will find by clicking on the "install log" link under each vehicle showcase.


Click the links below to view the corresponding galleries

Show cars/competition vehicles
Dedicated show cars or audio competition vehicles where the primary focus is cosmetic or sound quality; instead of daily usability and storage space.


Projects with a strong emphasis on sound quality; featuring digital signal processing and actively powered components; vast majority are daily drivers with a focus on usability, stealth and space retention.


Simple designs that are passively powered for a significant improvement over stock sound systems.


Various projects and build pictures that don't fall under the above categories or do not feature install logs.

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