Blog Introduction

on 26 January, 2012

Well...if you have read the "About Me" section of this site, then you know that I come from a liberal arts background. Ever since I was a young man in elementary school, I loved writing; at first creatively, then increasingly technical and research oriented as I got older. The drastic change in language and culture when I immigrated to the United States hardly dulled that passion at all...despite a limited vocabulary and shaky grammar, I enjoyed putting words to paper far above solving mathematical equations and memorizing chemical formulas.

I can still remember sitting in a computer lab in the College of Fine Arts at CMU, on the night before a 20 page history paper was due; playing Quake 1 with one of my best friends Tenaya late into the night....then he would retreat upstairs to work on a painting, and I'd gather up my thoughts and START on my paper. Roughly two hours later, it was all done and we usually go off to Eat n' Park for an early morning snack. Yup, 20 pages in 2 hours...and it was immensely enjoyable for me...because once I organized my thoughts, I find very little distinction between writing and giving an oral presentation, if you can speak 20 pages worth of words in half an hour, there is no reason you can't write it all down, proof read and make corrections in 2 hours.

Stepping away from that nostalgic tangent; eventually, something did stop me from writing...well in a sense, LIFE did...I got married, started installing full time and moved to California...this new environment left me with virtually no time to do any writing...and soon months and years passed by and I almost forgot about this passion. Perhaps subconsciously, I tried to keep it alive by constructing ever more elaborate install logs and posting them onto various forums…but coming up with basically glorified captions to photos can hardly be justified as literature.

When Car Audio and Electronics magazine came back as a webzine a few years ago, I was offered the opportunity to sign on as a senior editor; I jumped at the chance and soon found myself dusting off that portion of my brain and composing reviews and articles on a weekly basis. Unfortunately, like many many other ventures out there, the new CAE became a victim of the economic downturn, and after being stagnant for almost a year, it recently disappeared altogether. Once again, I was left with no avenue of outlet...

So anyway, don't want to bore you with the details but basically, this blog is my decision to continue writing and keeping that side of my brain well-oiled and functional. After all, I still DO plan on getting my PhD in History someday and writing books and getting published.

As you can see, this blog is called "Random Musings of an Installer"...I modeled it after the editors' sections at the front of popular print automobile magazines such as Car and Driver or Road and Track. It will be populated by a combination of articles with strong connections to car audio and other more random thoughts that have very little to do with the field; and everything in between. Basically, I will try my best to collect my weekly thoughts into something fun and easy to read and offer it to you...You won't see random one line or single paragraph updates though, a shitload of those are available daily from my Facebook page.

Many of the early articles will be from a pool of essays I wrote for the predecessor of They existed for a few short months and then disappeared when the site was transferred to the new some of you may recognize them from a few years back...I will try my best to come up with fresh content though, despite growing senile in my old age. :)

So that’s the intro and first blog out of the way...I will post the first official entry very soon!



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